Patent is a form of legal document awarded to an inventor for their invention, provided with exclusive rights to sell their formulation which dispenses a technical solution for a problem.,for a specific period of time. Patent is a form of assurance to safeguard the innovation against illegal operation by rivalries, for the specified duration.

It is to be noted that to an extent the patent process is complex in nature and it is not freely available to everyone. We at AtoZServices with our expertise in the domain makes the patent registration process feasible for you.

Let us take you through the basic requirements to get patent registration in India-

  1. The invention must be novel; something which is new in its own kind.
  2. The invention should be non obvious which means a modest advancement in existing technology would not be taken into consideration for patent.
  3. The invention should help in betterment of society and be legal. 

Prior-Art search from patent databases.

Prior art searching involves browsing through different databases, which is an important step in order to confirm no other party has described the idea similar to yours.The process is confound in nature and here at AtoZ Services, our experts would save your precious time by sorting from best patent databases like DELPHION, MICROPAT, USPTO and WIPO, etc.

Drafting of provisional and complete specification.

The patent registration process in India online is usually perplexing and It is advisable to get legal assistance in such difficult choices.

No need to worry. AtoZServices help you draft the forms according to your needs. 

Drafting a provisional specification.

When the invention is in the development stage an applicant can register for provisional application and consequently the applicant gets a 12 month period to file a complete application from the date of filing a provisional application.Let us make this simpler for you at AtoZ Services.

Drafting a complete application

Once the invention is complete in all senses, one can go up with complete application. The application would include precise description of every detail of the invention from its components to its application. We provide the best patent registration service in Mumbai.

Filing patent applications

Drafting a patent right registration application in India, they have to fill it with Indian Patent Office. While applying outside India, it is to be noted that the applicant has to seek prior permission in India. The patent registration process should be managed by the law expertise so as to avoid mistakes.


It refers to assigning the ownership of a patent to a third party where they get the right of using or selling your invention either exclusively or non exclusively for a pre-decided royalties..


It is an agreement where one entity transfers all or a portion of their right, title, interest in a patent to the other entity.