Copyright is an exclusive set of rights endowed upon someone for their original works viz literary works, song, movie or software. The person thus receives authoritative powers for their invention.

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Before filing application for receiving copyrights, a person has to meet certain parameters –

  1. Original  : One has to submit the original concept and not copied from any other source. Unlike patents, this does not require innovation or uniqueness.
  2. Creative : This requirement needs to demonstrate a very small amount of creativity. Only a few creations fail to meet this need. 
  3. Fixed : A work needs to be fixed in a tangible medium of expression.

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Filing application for logo, lyrics, website, books and softwares etc.

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Basically, licensing is an agreement between two entities where the owner grants permission to use his/her work by a second party against remuneration. Make this step hassle free with AtoZServices, the best copyright registration consultants in Mumbai.


Learn how you can assign your copyrights to another person. Assigning the copyrights is different from publishing rights.AtoZ Services would help in understanding the legal terms and would assist you in the legal aspects.