A branding is an intangible asset or a face value in consumers mindset which is linked with the qualities and features regarding the product or the services that an entity deal in.

Although developing a brand requires significant time and investment, destroying a brand could happen very fast.

Today as we are globally connected, we need to become more vigilant in protecting your brand.

Without legitimate protection, competitors and copycats could take advantage of the time and energy you invested in developing the brand, create confusion in the marketplace or even diminish the good reputation built over time—and this could all happen in an instant. Thus, your brand must be carefully guarded.

Brand is form of Intellectual Property that could be protected as Trade Mark.

Trade Mark performs 4 basic functions:
1. It Identifies the product and its origin.
2. It guarantees its unchanged quality.
3. It advertises the product and
4. It creates image for the product.

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