Company Registration

The Companies Act 2013 describes the regulations and company registration papers essential for easy incorporation of a company

For the formation of a public company, it requires 7 or more people whereas only 2 people are required for starting a private company. A company has to have a name followed by Pvt. Ltd if it’s private and limited if it’s public. They have to apply for the name at the Registrar of the State. After completing all the legal documentation, the Registrar allows the company to adopt the applied name only after 3 months. It is considered to be tedious and time consuming task to browse through the lists of existing names Experts at A to Z Services, makes this tiring job easier for you so that you can concentrate on the formation of the company

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A memorandum is referred to as the constitution of the company which states the field of the business, objectives of the company, type of business the company plans to undertake etc.

It is further divided into five categories viz name, registered office, capital, liability and objects clauses. 

Once the memorandum has been set, the promoters i.e the owners have to draft and sign documents which have detailed information about the same, A to Z services have the best legal advisors who would help you at each step of documentation procedure of company registration pvt. ltd

Appointing the attorney who receives the power to amend the memorandum on behalf of the company and promoters is very crucial and would be to an extent difficult to understand for a layman. We at A to Z services would guide you through this important decision.

Apart from the discussed procedures, there is filling up different forms for incorporation along with payment of fees. 

If the information provided is found satisfactory, it is allowed to be incorporated and registered and the certificate is provided which specifies that all the requirements of the Act have been met.

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